Came Hell or high water (the latter delivered in tidal waves), the 30th Massanutten Hoo-Ha! is in the books. Dateline Keezletown, VA, 1989. An ambitious ski manager early adopts the mountain bike thing and throws a whimsically titled event on a lark, complete with equally whimsical log pull and lake jump contests. Though the lake jump and log pull have been left by the trailside, the Hoo-Ha! continued the next 29 years with Kenny Hess still at the helm of one of the most enduring events in mountain bike racing, with a bright forecast for years to come.

Adam Williams from Rocktown Bicycles shredding on his new Specialized Stumpy. Adam would eventually take second in the Enduro and the XC race.
Matt Clements from Roanoke coming in hot after his van blew up on the highway. Matt's determination brought him to a 5th place finish int he Enduro.

But bright forecasts were not to be had the first weekend of June, 2018 on the western slope of Massanutten Mountain. The Saturday enduro kicked off with light rain that devolved into dark, drenches during stage 4 on K2, resulting in the sacking of stage 5. No matter, the field of around 70 was of fine spirit, and the riding was down right amazing despite conditions. Salsa pro locals double teamed for the men/women high podium spot, Sam Skidmore and Lindsey Carpenter. Jonathon Cox, Jr collected the junior title with inspiring riding throughout the younger ranks.

Multi national champion Sue Haywood endurbroing it up! Sue had some mechanical trouble on the second stage, but was able to fix it on a transfer and take away a 5th place finish!
Anna Sortore from Roanoke walked away with a 4th place finish in the Enduro.

In the end, the Hoo-Ha’s 30th birthday was a singular, epic event. Congratulations to all who weathered the storm for an experience not to be forgotten. Congratulations to the race directors, Kenny Hess, Jonathon Albert, and Ian McAlexander (plus many more) for a job well done. And for those who helped build the best kind of event through the years--Kenny, George Willetts, Steve Showalter and crew. Shenandoah Bicycle Coalition, you do a fine job of building amazing and creative trails. So the forecast for your first weekend of June, 2019? Hoo-Ha! #31!

Enduro Results

XC & XXC Results