Essential whiskey warmth.
Mike Buehring sporting the Deschutes cap with his Deschutes Cycling Team jersey poking out. 
Carlo Dy suits up for the 26 mile route.
Salt Pond rd was absolutely ravaged by a recent ice storm. Luckily that seems to have taken down everything that is meant to come down this year, because it was clear today.
The Gravelocity routes cross (do not ride on) portions of the Appalachian Trail.
I met these two fellows as I was driving past Camp Bethel on Bethel rd. They were from out of town and getting a head start on the 26 mile route.
The horse I rode, and the horse I rode in on. My Ibis Ripmo outfitted with a 2.5 Maxxis Assegai at 15psi in the front and a 2.3 Maxxis Minion DHR II at 18psi in the rear cut through and gripped the snow very well.
The Gravelocity routes come close to the famed Dody Ridge.
The breakaway.
The peleton.
The Bethel road climb was treacherous before some more (read: heavier than mine) trucks came through and dug out some tracks for us. 
2.4 Schwalbe Nobby Nic with Huck Norris at 0psi. 
Along the fire road that parallels the Blue Ridge Parkway on the Botetourt side of the mountain we took every opportunity to do some MTB'ing.

Unfortunately, this year's longer routes had to be cut short due to the painfully slow pace we had in the snow. We only reached the bottom of the Bobblet's Gap climb before deciding to get on Route 11 and then Bike Route 76 for the long pull back. We leave you with some landmarks you will see along the route, in beautiful Botetourt County.