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Our friend, Paul Buschi (r), in the 2k Trek catalog (oh yeah, with Roger Bird, team directeur sportif)

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Former ESCAPE champion, Cane Creek’s Paul Bell (l), ’98 series expert runner-up, George Willetts (c), and some jackleg at that all-day-n-all-night affair in West-By-God Virginia, '98. Photo Couzin Ed.

Images from ESCAPE! XIII, October 8, 2000 
Thanks to Chris Scott
(more added 10.26 - click "images)

Images 1 Junior winners

Images 2 Vet Ex Winners

Images 3 Expert winners

Images 4 Expert Escape podium

Images 5 XXC winners

Images 6 Sue George wins again.

Images 7

Images from Hoo-ha!, August 26, 2000

Images 1

Images from Middle Mountain Momma, May 21, 2000

These Pro/experts look ready for anything.

Images from the Misty Mountain Hop, NORBA American Mountain Bike Challenge East Final, Mountain Lake.
October 23-24, 1999

Runners flow through the winter wonderland prior to the start.

SOBE brought the truck. 

The "mist" on '99 Misty Mountain 

Around the kettle campfire

Around the kettle campfire again

Jeremiah Bishop in PJs?!!

Pual Buschi dashes through the snow!

Clydesdale Misty Mountain Hop Winners

Memories from the First Inaugural Shenandoah 100, Harrisonburg, VA
September 25, 1999

Paul Buschi brings 100 miles to a close.

100 Mile Faces #1 - Winner, Jeremiah. Runner-up, Paul Buschi.

100 Mile Faces #2

Joel Maynard pushes it home

Paul and Jeremiah compare strategies

Misty Mountain Moment...

The force on the line at Middle Mountain Momma, May 3, 1998

In the jungles of Misty Mountain...

Joel Maynard through the gate.

Matt Marcus at Elk River

Adam Childers displays his first championship trophy

Thomas Jenkins down the stretch for the '97 Hoo-Ha win

Here's the view of Potts Mountain through Cove Branch Farm.

World Cup downhill at Massanutten. My, what large ROCKS you have!

Cole winds it up at Rebel Ramble '97

1995 champion and '97 runner-up Chris Scott

The SRAM tent in action

Michael Carpenter, at Rebel Ramble

Some parting shots at the '98 final

A neonic look at the phenomenal junior expert class of '98




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