Virginia State Championship

Mountain Bike Series Code of Common Sense and

Ordinary Governance


  1. The Virginia Series follows all USAC-MTB rules. Click the logo above to the USAC site for those rules.
  2. Not knowing the rules excuses you not from the rules. As a racer or participant, know the rules (as outlined herein) or be affected by them regardless.
  3. Racers must repair their own bike, during the race, themselves.
  4. Racers must carry all spare parts and tools. Receiving kind contributions from other riders or spectators is not allowed. Racers may pull off the course, return to the pit area and repair with the racer’s own parts, whereupon the racer must re-enter the course where the breakdown originally took place. Said racer will notify the race director or a race official of this process prior to re-entering the racecourse. Exception: Duo Team members may support their teammate in any way with parts and aid they carry. Bikes can be swapped, but no bikes other than the two started on may be used.
  5. Racers shall complete the race begun on the same bicycle, with the same wheels (unless spares are carried along from the start). Old racing maxim: Thouest must run with what thouest brung.
  6. Racers taking food or water must not impede the progress of other racers. Racers must not impede other racers for any reason.
  7. Racers riding bicycles have the right-of-way over racers pushing bicycles, or repairing bikes, or otherwise in-the-way. When practical, racers pushing should yield the best, ride-able portion of the trail when being passed.
  8. A racer pushing or carrying his or her bicycle can overtake a racer riding his bicycle provided that it does not interfere with the riding racer.
  9. Riders must alert those they are passing vocally using the announcements "On your LEFT (RIGHT)!" or "TRACK LEFT (RIGHT)!" It is the responsibility of the passing rider to overtake safely and notify verbally. Riders being lapped must yield at the first reasonable opportunity. Blocking is not a tactic in mountain bike racing.
  10. When two riders are vying for position, the leading rider does not necessarily have to yield position to the challenging rider. However, a rider may not purposely interfere, intending to impede another rider's progress.
  11. Food and water can be taken from anyone, anywhere on the course so long as it does not impede nor interfere with another racer.
  12. Short-cutting the course by any racer will result in disqualification of that racer.
  13. Foul riding, use of profane or abusive language and other unsportsmanlike behavior is very bad. Such behavior may result in disqualification. This includes unpleasant behavior directed at course officials, volunteers or spectators. The penalty imposed is the race director’s decision (as with all decisions, calls, and penalties).
  14. Federal, state, city, and county laws and ordinances will be abided by at all times. Violations will result in penalties described under these laws and ordinances.
  15. Protests may be made by registered racers only. Protests will be made in writing and delivered to the race director any time after the end of the race up to 30 minutes after the posting of the final results. Protests should contain any information that supports the protest, including description of the incident, witnesses, names, addresses, phone numbers and signature of protestor. A $25 fee shall be submitted, in cash, with the protest. The race director, after his own discovery, will promptly rule on the protest. The fee will be forfeited to the race director if the protest is denied or refunded if the protest is upheld.
  16. The race director has the final say in every ruling.
  17. Helmets will be worn while warming-up for, or racing in, any Virginia Championship Commission, Inc. sanctioned event.
  18. Bicycles shall be in good repair, with both front and back brakes in working order. A bike may be disqualified from the event for being judged in either poor or unsafe condition.
  19. Violation of any of the above rules—or any others as described by common sense or conventional decorum—may result in disqualification.